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eBackUp Änderungen

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V1.10 (27.06.2014)

  • Restore-tab: added possibility to change the physical path of an archive
  • Deletion of archives and catalog-entries completely rewritten (now possibility to delete multiple archives at once)
  • (System)OpenDialogs: text for Caption/OKName/Title adjusted
  • ProgressBar_Status: separate bar colours for: ok/warnings/errors/fatal error
  • Logic of F1-Help moved from commands(units) directly to the objects and therefore fixed "general help-content" as target for icon-help
  • Loading of Cats improved (only done if neccessary [tab-change etc.])
  • eBackUp_DE.LNG: translation for field Label_RegTxt removed to avoid wrong license-info
  • various layout changes
  • BeginUpdate/EndUpdate for all MultiColumnLists while loading
  • Actions.log: DateTime changed to starting instead of stopping time (used now as ID; needed for synchronity with archive name and catalog entry)
    [known problem: lines in action.log have to be deleted manually for versions before 1.10]
  • SetUnit: correct handling of intial values for drive and directory on "Add drives/directories"
  • Misc-tab: reset displays and catalog selection when an archive is manually added
  • SetUnit: automatically DeleteLastPathSeparator for "exclude" directories (see help)
  • Help: corrected some issues with links and references

V1.04 (18.04.2014)

  • "-log" added as possible startup parameter (for debugging purposes)
  • SelRestUnit: changes for help on F1
  • uRegLimited: 'Free' instead of 'Destroy' for mTimer
  • various small layout and text changes
  • PipeUnit: "No such file or ..." added to FilesAnzError warnings
  • MainUnit: the created CMD-scripts now include the path to eBackUp-exe
    (no need to keep CMDs within eBackUp folder or set "Working directory)

V1.03 (18.11.2013)

  • PipeUnit: "Overwrite it ?" added to fatal errors
  • Form_Reg: improved layout
  • PipeUnit: value of mainbar was set to value of subbar when Form1 is minimized: new boolean implemented
    (instead of checking subbar.visible)
  • Updated help files to clarify the registration process

V1.00-1.02 (03.02.2012-12.10.2013)

  • Layout of eBackUp completely renewed
    • Set list based on ListBox instead of MultiColumnList
    • new logic and layout for filtering (Set- and Archive-boxes)
  • Delete Set confirmation shows selected SetName
  • Delete Log confirmation shows selected log file
  • Set_Sets.asc: save "|-" for all (5) unused parameters for each set
  • Filter text: AutoSelect OnClick implemented
  • Help (NewView) implemented
  • Possibility to create commandline-scripts implemented
  • layout/order of set- and catalog-info adjusted (backup/restore/misc/log)
  • moved some Procedures from form declaration to private/public
  • exception handling added for rest./misc-cat_selected (to be improved)
  • error message "Target drive not found" now shows missing drive letter
  • parameter-list for manually added archives adjusted to regular cat entries
  • Label_MHPT_xxx: SaveLoadInfo=False (prevent from "selected"-status (black/white) for other items than "backup" when leaving eBackUp)
  • possibility to import registration file
  • PipeUnit: "Bad file number" and "Cannot find volume" added to check values
  • Encrypted Archives (for Restore and Misc):
    • when adding an archive, the user is asked if the archive is encryped
    • algorithm rewritten (no mTempFile but -p- used to prevent from Rar32 internal questions)
  • Confirmation for "Add Archive/Catalog" removed (useless since "cancel" is possible on the description dialog)
  • Restore: added -v switch to all operations for correct handling of multi-vol-archives
  • Fixes for handling of encryped archives
  • Fixes for handling of multivolume archives
  • separate icon for cmd-scripts
  • uCreateLNG: procedure TCreateLNG call now via parameter (after execution the application is terminated)
  • Form SelRestore: bodericons for maximize and close enabled
  • IsModal usages replaced by ShowModal/EndModal except for form Sets
  • checked and changed "destroy" to "free"
  • MainUnit: "Uses" was placed BEFORE Implementation. Now moved AFTER Implementation.
  • FileExists check when adding Catalogs (Rest) or Choosing Arch from disk (Misc)
  • First commandline parameter changed to case-insensitive
  • Added checks for existence of Set-files
  • Form_Set: reset of all fields when opening the form
  • Settings-tab: button with downloadlink for rar32 added
  • Selective restore: unit completely rewritten and form changed (now based on file explorer)
  • LNG-file for german created (helper-program "eLNGCompare" created)
  • maximum number for lines in log file changed from 32000 to 32500
  • misc: improved searching with autom. setting of wildcards
  • SetUnit: use OnShow instead of OnSetupShow (to have new data loaded after save or save_as)
  • Context sensitive help for F1 implemented
  • Form_Set: window refresh after writing values for set-modify to prevent from empty display
  • uReg: limit for timer2 raised from 20 to 30 sec
  • PipeUnit: improved handling of "Warning: no files"
  • registration_unit: changed function of "How to get the registration-code...": now it opens the corresponding page of help
  • PipeUnit: "Disk full" added to fatal errors

V0.99 (20.12.2011)

  • PipeUnit: do not write the characters " (+EA)" to log (restoring files)
  • "-y" added to restore parameter for "Keep newer files" to avoid the question of whether to overwrite files
  • "Only actually restored files are written to log!" added as note to message box and log-file
  • "Ini.Destroy" added after calling the mail clients
  • fixed a possible bug in 0.98 for "Reset settings ..." (no tab change allowed)
  • Selective restore: form disabled until data is ready
  • Form_SelRest: BitBtn for "Start ..."
  • AboutTab: registration info shows max. version
  • MiscTab: corrected a syntax error for "convert to sfx"
  • Restore: added info about number of files and duration to end of log/messages
  • Reworked call of mail client (now check of DefaultMailParameters)
  • Sequence of form fields (buttons, editfields, ...) corrected
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for all buttons and checkboxes

V0.98 (13.12.2011)

  • SelRestore: reordered the code for getting data, opening form etc. (prevents from occationally access errors), wait-info while collecting data added
  • ExecUnit: improved handling of pipe (create unique pipe-name, checks included, returncode on pipe-errors when started from commandline)
  • ExecUnit: cmd-window now shows "eBackUp/Rar32 ..." (instead of "cmd.exe").
    This is for information and also offers the possibility to filter the cmd.exe from eCenter!
  • ShowCatInfo: mSekunden+1 to prevent from possible division by zero
    (nicer display despite the presence of exeption handling)
  • SetUnit: point "." added to not allowed characters for SetName and TargetName
  • Improved code for mailing to eSoft@aon.at
  • WPI-script now includes a shadow for the commandline samples and CL-readme
  • Priority level 6: SleepTime=1 (instead of 0) to prevent from freezing system
  • Form_Set: SetDescr MaxLength=50
  • Form1: length of Backup-remarks is dynamically limited to achive a max line length of 255 characters for the cat-entries
  • uRegLimited: SysSleep changed from 0 to 1

V0.97 (24.11.2011)

  • small layout and text changes
  • Language support included (partially/Form1); german language file created
  • Copy log-file: current date added to suggested filename
  • Form_SelRest:" clear search entry field on form open
  • Registration: centering of forms on screen and improved reg-units
    (bugs fixed/improofed code) implemented
  • Settings-Tab: Button "Reset form layouts ..." and functionality added
  • Settings-Tab: Button "Reset settings ..." problems with functionality fixed
  • StartUp routine split into two sections (to enable forms-reset AND CL-funct.)
  • all definitions "integer" changed to "LongInt" (this should also fix the incorrect display of "Number of files" when number>32768)
  • possibility to filter the listbox-entries for backup,restore and misc
  • checks for "no set selected" and "no archive selected" implemented
    (auto-selection for a line removed [code remarked/8.11.11])
  • fix for "target dir not found. create dir?" with multiple missing subdirs to create (func CreateDir implemented)
  • return codes for commandline usage added (when started with -fc or -bc)
  • reworked "Sets_laden" (eg jump to last selected) and created separate procedures for "RestCat_laden" and "MiscCat_laden"
  • PipeUnit: code for error handling changed and "Permission denied" moved to "OpenFileError"-group
  • reworked code for generating the text of "actions.log"
  • LogTab: "Save log file as" did not work - fixed
  • added sample CMDs for commandline start
  • PipeUnit: "Warning: no files" added to fatal errors
  • SelRestore(MainUnit): SysSleep(10) added to the while loop to prevent from raising cpu load
  • SelRestore: Selecting/deselecting dirs is now possible by use of a combobox and subdirs are also considered
  • Main window is now sizeable
  • Selective Restore window is now sizeable
  • PipeUnit: colon added to compare value "WARNING"
  • RarProc: priority for "other actions" (not backup/not restore)
    changed from 4 to 6 (much improved speed)
  • StatusForm: improved calculation of "estimated time" (SubStatus_Bar time is now included) and display of ETA (estimated ending time) added (code completely rewritten)

V0.96 (08.11.2011)

  • test version for Wolfgang (commandline options), also including some features/changes of next version

V0.95 (01.07.2011)

  • no init of var mSetName within commandline-check to prevent from empty var when first set is choosen for modifying
  • run Set-/Rest-/Misc-Select-procedures on pagechange of corresponding tab to reload the variables
  • Check for invalid characters in SetName or ArchiveName added
  • Fix: statistics for number/size of files has always to be done since implementing new infos for sets and cats (Archive Size/Files/Size/Duration)
  • "... " (=RAR message when continuing archiving a splitted file): added to checkvalues for removing the sub-statusbar
  • Form_Status: ProgressBar, SubProgressBar and estimated time behaviour corrected and optimized (especially for splitted archives)
  • query of update of elapsed time corrected to prevent from flickering
    (mask for form label value)
  • PipeUnit: Application.ProcessMessages moved inside repeat loop
    (solves problem with highest priority with syssleep 0)
  • added password reset after backup

V0.94.1 (28.06.2011)

  • TimeStamp (now) instead of Time used for backup-time (elapsed/estimated)
  • possibility to start eBackUp with commanline parameters (s. "Usage")
  • mCurrentDir changed to eBackUp-exe-dir (neccessary for commandline calls)
  • Commandline code moved from OnCreate to OnShow of a separate procedure
    (neccessary for commandline calls, otherwise Form1 is not totally opened before Form_Status is called)
  • first set was not correctly shown in set form when initially choosen
  • crash with doubleclick on emtpy set-list solved

V0.94 (21.06.2011)

  • new releasenumber due to several layout changes
  • SetUnit: message "Archivename was automatically changed ..."
    swapped to end of change-commands
  • select a set (1st one) from multicolumn-list after "Delete selected set"
  • size problem for password dialogs solved
  • "Show catalog info" implemented (see Restore-tab)
  • Function TStringToFloat_ha implemented (separates numbers from strings)

V0.93.2 (19.06.2011)

  • Estimated time: initialize form-label (prevent from displaying "0")
  • Form_Set: set focus to SetName-field OnSetupShow
  • Form_Status: workaround for progressbar-width problem (set to: formwidth-50)
  • "PDFs" removed as files not to be compressed
  • Form_Reg: now opened with ShowModal
  • Form_Status: minimize/maximize together with Form1
    (same behaviour as Form_Set, see 0.93.1)
  • procedure of password entry completely revised
  • calculation of "estimated backup time" changed
    (solves problem with raising times; optimized code [mzwiPos])
  • changed info text for "Faulty files" (PipeUnit/Statistics)
  • Backup-/Restore-/Misc-tab (Layout changes, BitButtons for "start", remarks-/info-line removed)
  • new columns added to multicolumn-lists: Archive Size/Files/Size/Duration
    (calculation of values for the backup statistics improved for multiple usage)
  • possibility to cancel start of eBackUp when Ini-change-dialog is shown
    (ok now always deletes old form-section in ini-file)

V0.93.1 (30.05.2011)

  • Form_Set: horizontal scroll for directory listbox added
  • Form_Set: text for "add files"-dialog changed (Öffnen->add)
  • minimize-bordericon removed for forms Reg/RegLimit
  • Form_Set: minimize/maximize together with Form1 (test)
  • no hide or wsMinimized for MainForm during StatusForm is shown
  • PipeUnit: info concerning file warnings/error only if count>0
  • estimated backup-time: update of displayed number only if value is smaller

V0.93 (12.05.2011)

  • Status_Form now also shows estimated backup time
  • code for progress bars optimized
  • Status form: added statistic info for warnings and non-fatal-errors
  • Logs: "Save as ..." now changes to log-directory (and TabbedNotebook-OnChange back to program-dir)
  • all subform calls changed to IsModal (instead of Form1 enabled=false)
  • Form1 set focused (after [wsMinimized] wsNormal)
  • Registration form: all bodericons (min, max, ...) removed
  • Text change for "Archive remarks: ..."
  • SetUnit, StatusUnit, PipeUnit, ExecUnit, SelRestUnit, RegUnit moved from Interface section to Uses
  • Settings-tab: the used rar-version is displayed

V0.92.4 (06.05.2011)

  • text "Choose set/cat ..." removed
  • again layout changes, new icons, text changes
  • About-tab: "eSoft"-email now as link (to be improved ...)
  • Restore: target-name-check corrected (just files, no dirs to compare)
  • Registration: Confirmation needed after delay

V0.92.3 (29.04.2011)

  • new icons, resolution for background image reduced
  • Restore to new location: check for existing file with same name as target directory
  • BitBtn "View archive" (OnKlick functionality re-added)
  • limited license for 0.92 added to zip-package

V0.92.2 (28.04.2011)

  • further layout changes and changed algorithm for registration limitations
    (thanks to Andreas Roederer)
  • "*.!!!" added to standard-excludes
  • minor code changes
  • show "Source drive" within Restore_Tab

V0.92.1 (22.04.2011)

  • Misc: no password check for manually choosen archives (when an existing catalog-entry is highlighted)
  • "Save As ..." disabled for "Create Set"
  • layout changes and changed algorithm for registration limitations
    (thanks to Andreas Roederer)
  • Delete archive/catalog: logic of security questions changed
    (thanks to Andreas Roederer)
  • Status-Form: additional progressbar shows infos for "Adding recovery record" etc.
    (main progressbar always shows overall progress)

V0.92 (08.04.2011)

  • added wpi + pdf as files to be exclude from compression
  • SetUnit: do not allow empty "SetName" field when saving
  • SetUnit: no spaces allowed for SetName and ArchiveName
    (spaces are replaced with underline characters)
  • Bugfix: size counter var for backup statistics changed from int to real
  • StatusForm: "Close and open Log File" now also works for unique log names
  • Fix switches moved from Set to MainUnit (easier handling, if any changes)
  • Sets: *.zip and *.rar removed from "Standard excludes"
  • Backup statistics: additional info about archive size and compression
  • Position of length check for mExecParam changed (now before form handling)
  • Bugfix: initial option for 2 buttons on SetForm set to visible=false
  • "stop-switch-scanning"-switch moved from Set to MainUnit;
    additionally set this switch for restore (not just backup)
  • compatibility check for Sets included
  • RegUnit: decimalpoint conversion removed (. to ,)
  • SetUnit: suggestion for ArchiveName only if SetName is not NULL
  • set mCancelExecYN to true after unsuccessful registration check (TRunRar)
  • PipeUnit: "I/O error" and "Not enought disk space" added to fatal errors
  • PipeUnit: warnings and error comparison changed to UpperCase
  • SleepTime increased and Selective Restore blocked for limited versions
  • Form "Status" and Form "Main/Log-section": a ListBox can only hold 32760 lines: corresponding handling integrated within PipeUnit and MainUnit
  • Form "Sets": button "Save As ..." added to easily copy/duplicate a Set
  • Action-log-entries improved (in case of errors, warnings, etc.)
  • RegUnit: show hourglass during time delay

V0.91 (01.04.2011)

  • Add backup statistic to end of log (see "Settings")
  • Option to create unique logfiles for backups (not restore or archiveview)
  • minor: changed some variable names (no YN)
  • Settings: button for "Reset to defaults" added (moved some values to section "Div" within INI file)
  • possibility to add a descripition to manually added catalogs
  • additional files to exclude from compression added (this speeds up backup time in some cases)

V0.90 (29.03.2011)

  • Form "Selective Restore": borderstyle changed from bsSizeable to bsDialog
  • Form "Status" is now sizeable
    (mimimum size defined; this also resets form size on application start)
  • Form "Status": font for listbox changed to "System VIO" (monospaced)
  • Logs-listbox: font size changed from 8 to 6
  • New version always resets Ini-Form-Section (no possibility to skip)
  • Show a note concerning registration on "First Start" and "New version"
  • RegCode: also space characters are filtered
  • Restore to different location: always add pathseparator to target directory
  • Restore: Possibility to restore without preserving drive and directory structure
  • further reduction of pipe sleep time: 150,80,40,20,5,0 (200,100,60,40,20,5)
  • PipeUnit: SleepSys only applied as long as ExecThread is running
  • Form "Status": improved time-display (prevent from flickering)
  • param "-x@" has to be placed before the "stop_param_reading"-switch , otherwise exclude_dirs_files will be ignored (error corrected)
  • Listbox "Backup-Sets": double-clicking opens the "Modify selected Set" dialog
  • improved drive- and directory selection for backup-set sources
  • WPI-script: no replace for eBackUp folder and eBackUp executeable
  • bugfix: password input (<xyz.tmp) suppressed for backup
  • clear password entry field after successful backup
  • disable checkbox "Keep drive and folder structure" (if neccessary) after "Form1_enabled" commands

V0.89 (20.03.2011)

  • Code for registration implemented - now registration is needed (license is free), otherwise just demo-version
  • Settings: possibility to write the used RAR32 parameters to the log file
  • Settings: default for 'Authenticy verification check' changed to 'false'
  • Versions handling now under control of Application.ProgramVersion (instead of Form_Label), each new version asks for ini-reset
  • PipeUnit: 'Invalid argument' added to Warnings (error occurs for example in conjunction with loss of network connectivity)
  • code concerning "test-version" and "update-reminder" removed (now registration is needed)
  • all commands 'Form1.TabbedNotebook1.Enabled' changed to 'Form1.Enabled'
  • MiscTab: delete display of remark line when an archive is choosen manually
  • PipeUnit: Stop scrolling also added for "misc" operations

V0.55T (09.03.2011)

  • Returnvalues of checks changed from integer to boolean
  • short information about "No errors"/"Warnings"/"File Open Errors" is written to the remark field (Catalog)
  • PipeUnit: if exec has ended and bytesread=0 and no chr13+10 at end: add chr13+10 to initiate processing of remaining-string
  • 'Invalid argument' added to warnings-group
  • Settings: log-level "Directory and File Names" as default
  • Settings: as "Open shared" is now enabled, there is no need to re-disable it after each "form-visible" (all corresponding commands removed)
  • password input revised
  • WPI-script: removed the "REPLACE" option for WPFolder
    (to take an eventually movement of EBACKUP_FOLDER into account), see also 0.90

V0.50T (06.03.2011)

  • functionality for "Selective Restore" implemented
  • const/var for "incl.tmp", "excl.tmp" and "temp.tmp" files instead of fixed names
  • Actions.log sorting changed to "descending"
  • Close/Minimize/Move for Set_Form (sep. proc for OnCloseQuery)
  • Status_Information scrolls to last line. Checkbox to stop integrated.
    (ListBox instead of Memo)
  • added "signal on errors/warnings" (additional checkbox on Settings-Tab)
  • Form_Sets: button to remove all entries from "Dir/files to exclude"-field added
  • Restore to diff. target: corrected an error when changing directory by menue (ChDir to CurDir)
  • show explaining text for the priority settings of backup and restore trackbar
  • eliminated code trying to write to ini file on read error during program start
  • Start time/elapsed time on Status_Information_Window
  • possibility to go to log or editor directly from Status_Information_Window
  • added: remarks for backup
  • added: encrypt archive (password); SetType is marked to indicate encrypted archives
  • Settings: option "Open shared files" enabled (and added remarks with warnings)

V0.41T (19.02.2011)

  • literal error within message for new ini-file-version corrected
  • minor layout changes and changes to this readme

V0.40T (18.02.2011)

  • eBackUp is now available as WPI file! (special thanks to Oliver)
  • Set: adjustment of width/height to OpenDialog for SourceFiles
  • good progress with handling of errors/warnings
    (StdErr to pipe)
  • new ini-version only resets form settings
    (no need to delete the ini-file itself)

V0.31T (15.02.2011)

  • minor change: text arrangement within eCenterWidget
  • PipeReadUnit: operand changed from > to <> for '[A]bort' and '[Q]uit'
  • volume size of "700M" correctly implemented
  • volume size of "4090M" removed
    this is not supported by RAR32 (max. 2GB), same with "auto"!
  • added hints and information to buttons and entry fields (if it makes sense)
  • Settings: Checkbox added to enable/disable hints
  • after closing the SetForm, the last selected Set is selected again
    (not always the 1st one)
  • further reduction of pipe sleep time: 200,100,60,40,20,5 (250,120,80,50,30,10)
  • added: functionality for "Add an Archive to the catalog"
  • check of length of ExecParam improved
  • Hints for tab-pages removed

V0.30T (13.02.2011)

  • possibility to search for an update of eBackUp after testperiod has ended
  • program exits improved
    (halt instead of appl.terminate)
  • main form during operations minimizeable
    (now anyway hidden when an operation starts)
  • improved handling of RAR32 error- and warning-messages
  • cmd thread set to "hide"
    (instead of "minimized")

V0.23T (11.02.2011)

  • progress displayed within !eCenter widget
  • SetName limited to 12 characters
  • moved "StatusForm_Close etc from "StatusUnit to "MainUnit to enable pipe-/MLE-writting till end
  • "ActionCode for "DosStopSession changed (back) from 0 to 1
    (compiled progr. version did not stop)
  • Misc: result of button "Alternatively choose an Archive from Disk ..." was based on Label instead of variable
  • the priority trackbars also influence the "SysSleep-time in the "PipeUnit
    (less cpu usage)
  • improved infos within action.log
  • disabling of all relevant buttons if Set- or Cat-files exist but are empty
  • minimize button for StatusForm added

V0.22T (10.02.2011)

  • Checking for RAR32 for each relevant operation before operation-start
    (not when RarExec starts)
  • ActionCode for DosStopSession changed from 1 to 0
    (now cmd-thread is stopped/canceled correctly)
  • root-directory is now also allowed as a backup-target
    (Target check changed)

V0.21T (08.02.2011)

  • filters for OpenFilesDialog (RAR32-path, Misc/Choose_Archive)
  • Backup: abort backup if missing target path could not be created
  • "Recurse Subdirs"=yes set as default for new Sets
  • PipeUnit: progress bar infos adapted
  • SetUnit: errors creating first new set solved (append/rewrite file)
  • MainUnit: default compression level changed to "less" instead of "normal"
    (seems to be more accurate)
  • Misc-tab: relevant buttons disabled if no cat entries are available
  • behavior of "Cancel Operation" improved
  • no log entries, if RAR32.EXE was not found

V0.20T (06.02.2011)

  • misc tab: functionality for Lock/SFX/Repair/Test archive implemented
  • added: functionality for backup- and restore priority
    (REM :-( I cannot see any differences in speed ...)
  • version check (ini-version) on programm start added

V0.12T (04.02.2011)

  • layout changes
  • possibility to delete archive files added
  • Set: back to current drive after changing the target drive (by menue) to prevent from error
  • used "-vn" to get archiv names like "xxx.r00"
    (advantage: first archive is always "xxx.rar"; easy cataloging and deleting etc.)
  • added: functionality to delete archives and/or catalog-entries

V0.11T (02.02.2011)

  • Multicolumnlist on Misc-tab instead of
  • Action log for ArchiveView blocked
  • "adding directories to a set": problem solved
  • more functionalities for "misc"


  • first "test"-version, useable until 31.04.2011

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