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About this Site

At this Site you will find informations about the Compiler »Sibyl« resp. »WDSibyl«. These are Pascal-Compilers wich works with work with a »Delphi«-like programming language. There are Compiler for OS/2 and Windows. The OS/2 version is able to create Windows binarys.


Apparently, the company Speedsoft doesn't longer develop the Sibyl product. Even when asked, i got no answer. The sources of the IDE are now covered by the GPL (General Public License), and the sources of the RTL, SPCC etc where offered since years on their web site.


That got me to begin compiling the sources and after some time »WDSibyl« come into existence. Some innovations like joystick support and general fixes have been included into this product. My changes and extensions are also covered by the GPL.